Your Donation Can Make A World of Difference in A Young Person’s Life! – UNITY, Inc.

Your Donation Can Make A World of Difference in A Young Person’s Life!

Consider making a year-end gift to the national UNITY organization!

United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. (UNITY) is a unique non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. UNITY is the only organization, which has a national network of affiliated youth councils sponsored by Tribes, Communities, Alaska Native Villages, High Schools, Colleges, and Urban Centers.    Respecting sovereignty and diversity, each youth council is tailored to meet the needs and values of its community.  Members of each affiliated youth council elect two youth as representatives on the National UNITY Council – thus creating a collective, national voice for Native youth.  Currently, there are 145 UNITY-affiliated youth councils in 35 states.

It is our strong belief that caring individuals, tribes, organizations, and corporations that serve Indian Country cannot afford to allow UNITY to limit or curtail its operation. There is too much work to be done:  providing leadership and personal development training; providing opportunities for Native youth to interact with successful Native men and women; advocating for Native youth; offering a mechanism for youth to work together and learn from their peers; and providing a voice for Native youth at the local, state, and national (and even international) levels.

If your or your organization is in a position to make a contribution to help move UNITY forward and plan for 2015 and beyond, please consider doing so.  Contributions may be mailed to 1 N. MacDonald Drive Suite 312 Mesa, AZ 85201. Or, you may contribute online HERE.