Yavapai Apache Nation re-organizes youth council – UNITY, Inc.

Yavapai Apache Nation re-organizes youth council

The Yavapai Apache Nation (YAN), located in central Arizona, is looking forward to getting its youth council up and running.  Leona Wathagoma, who has been involved with the tribal youth council for many years, is taking the lead once again to serve as its lead advisor. Wathagoma and other adults met recently with UNITY staff members to discuss reorganization and collaboration efforts.

“My vision, hope and expectation for the YAN Youth Council is to reach out to as many youth as we can and get them registered with the program. I would like to bring different mini-workshops to the youth to help enhance their growth towards Leadership, to recruit as many youth as possible and help them stay drug and alcohol free. We will plan weekend activities to help them stay busy doing fun things, Also, helping with community events are some things I would like to see the youth participate in. Finally, we will connect with UNITY office and other Arizona Youth Councils,” said Wathagoma.

UNITY welcomes back the Yavapai Apache Nation Youth Council and looks forward to a meaningful partnership.

Pictured above: Leona Wathahoma, center, is taking the lead to reorganize the Yavapai Apache Nation Youth Council. Also pictured L to R: UNITY Bookkeeper Tami Patterson, Yavapai Apache Nation Community Affairs Officer Don Decker, Leona Wathagoma, UNITY Executive Director Mary Kim Titla and YANYC Advisor Vida Smith.