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White Mountain Apache Youth Council Inaugurate Newly Elected Officers

The following story is from a news release provided by the White Mountain Apache Tribe Education Department.

Whiteriver, AZ – The White Mountain Apache Youth Council held its annual inauguration of newly elected officers on August 14 at Hon-Dah Resort & Casino.

The inauguration event included the swearing in of eleven (11) new officers including Co-Presidents Mitchell Garcia and Desyre Fall, Vice President DeAndra Antonio, Secretary/Treasurer Tyna Altaha, District I Reps Samuel Lupe and Sheldon Zospah, District III Reps Kyrene Williams and Ivan Walker Jr. and District IV Reps Jerry Alsenay, Kendrick Hill and Thea Tenijieth.

Harrisen DeClay, WMAT Education Director said, “Our White Mountain Apache Youth Council works very hard to create a positive impact on our community and to demonstrate to our young people that there is more opportunities other than drugs, alcohol and activities that reflect negatively on our young people. I am proud of each officer and I am confident that they will continue to work hard and further develop the vision that the previous officers and youth councils foundationally established.”

“Our young people are the future for our Apache people. It takes a strong young person to rise above the challenges on the reservation and take it upon themselves to make a difference in our community. I am very proud of the White Mountain Apache Youth Council, its officer team and its membership in its entirety. I wish them the best of luck over the course of the next year with their projects, goals and travels,” stated Vice Chairman Timothy Hinton Sr. Vice Chairman Hinton was in attendance at the Youth Council Inauguration.

The White Mountain Apache Youth Council is comprised of Native American youth and is a member of the National UNITY organization. The Youth Council focuses on the development of leadership and personal character while the organization does substantial volunteer and fundraising work throughout the reservation.

Youth Council meetings are held at the Tribal Education building. Everyone is welcome to attend. For more information you may contact Joelle Walker at the JOM Office at 928-338-6080.