UNITY’s Welcomes Newest Youth Council – UNITY, Inc.

UNITY’s Welcomes Newest Youth Council

UNITY welcomes the newly formed San Diego Inter-tribal Youth Council! They became a UNITY affiliate in September 2017. The group is sponsored by the San Diego American Indian Health Center. Youth members and advisors are pretty pumped about the 2018 National #UNITY Conference to be held in San Diego next July.

“We are so excited whenever a youth council is created in Indian Country. Tribes, urban centers, schools, school districts and health, community or national organizations are all encouraged to create and sponsor youth councils. It’s a wonderful way for youth leaders to hone their leadership skills, learn about Robert’s Rules, plan community activities, and address important community issues,” said Mary Kim Titla, UNITY’s Executive Director.

Look for news soon about the formation of a Local Planning Committee for the 2018 National UNITY Conference!