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UNITY Youth Travel to Taiwan

Youth in TaiwanThe idea that indigenous tribes of Taiwan might benefit from the creation of youth councils led to an amazing overseas exchange between six Native American youth leaders and two chaperones during a 10-day journey in East Asia. The six Native youth leaders, representing tribes across the U.S., are part of UNITY—United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc.

UNITY has a network of 140 youth councils in 35 states. The UNITY delegation, sponsored by Taiwan’s Vox Nativa, visited the aboriginal homelands of seven of the 14 indigenous tribes including the Thao, Bunun, Rukai and Paiwan tribes in the lush and mountainous interior of Taiwan.

Flying 6,500 miles to Taiwan requires a 14-hour plane ride from San Francisco. The 14,000 square mile island sits more than 100 miles off the southeast coast of mainland China with sub-tropical and tropical weather.

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