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Littlecreek’s Sustainable Indigenous Fashion Project

Did you know: When you buy inexpensive but fashionable clothes, also known as fast fashion, you help to create over 92 million tons of waste produced per year and 79 trillion litres of water consumed?  UNITY Youth Sadie Littlecreek, Absentee Shawnee, who currently attends the University of Oklahoma, is creating awareness about the problem with the fast fashion industry. 

In what ways can Native Youth address environmental concerns within your tribe or local community?
“I believe in and enjoy the power of having honest and open forums of dialogue that allows for conversations about environmental concerns and ways of honoring the past. It will awaken our ancestral knowledge ingrained into our very DNA. I believe these conversations are building blocks that allow for proactive and forward thinking that builds connections between Native youth.”

Did you know: Impacts from fast fashion industry include over 92 million tonnes of waste produced per year and 79 trillion litres of water consumed.

According to Kirsi Niinimäki, “Fast fashion has increased the material throughput in the system. Fashion brands are now producing almost twice the amount of clothing today compared with before the year 2000. Current fashion-consumption practices result in large amounts of textile waste, most of which is incinerated, landfilled or exported to developing countries.”

Littlecreek’s Earth Service Project: “I look forward to hosting Native youth listening sessions in a two part series.
The first session we would explore where our products go locally after we consume them. Many people do not realize the effects of their own waste management systems. This information will build positive relationships with youth, and encourage them to repurpose items that would be deemed as trash or lacking value.
The second session would engage Native youth and challenge them to use their creativity to use items, like old clothes and fabrics, and redesigning them in fashionable and creative way.
After the listening sessions, we could showcase our designs and recycled fashion with others in a runway show or other local media outlets. Native youth could ask local department stores to display their outfits in their storefronts to show their store’s support for recycling. I think this would be one example of how individuals can quite literally be the change they want to see in the world, by thinking creatively and critically on what they want their future to look.”

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