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UNITY Webinar – Celebrate Mother Earth Day!

On April 2, 2020 UNITY Earth Ambassadors hosted a UNITY Webinar called Celebrate Mother Earth Day to provide inspiration and information to Native youth on how to carry out Earth Day projects during this time of social distancing. Technology joined everyone together in their homes and communities. Unfortunately the webinar did not record. This is what happened.

Angela Noah, Kaylene Nevakaya and Jeidah DeZurney co-hosted the hour long webinar. Mary Kim Titla, UNITY Executive Director greeted the audience, shared the purpose of the webinar and provided the opening prayer. Special guests, UNITY Alumni,, Eileen Crocker and Hunger Genia were introduced to contribute their experience as Earth Ambassadors in the 1990’s and shared ways they continue living today to Honor Mother Earth.

Mary Kim expressed, “I commend our UNITY Earth Ambassadors for taking the lead in challenging their peers to honor and preserve Mother Earth. They are passionate about making sure Mother Earth is healthy for generations to come. We can all do our part to pitch in by following the three Rs – recycle, reuse, and reduce!”

Angela, Kaylene and Jeidah shared how Mother Earth cares for us, the issues and how we can make a difference. The audience was challenged to make individual lifestyle efforts, such as recycling and water conservation. Project ideas were discussed that could be accomplished while social distancing. The UNITY Earth Day Project Contest was announced with encouragement to sign up as Individuals or Youth Councils.

Four videos were featured during the webinar. UNITY News – Earth Day video was produced at the Midyear UNITY Conference in February.  UNITY Earth Day was produced by Frank Weaver, Mentor for UNITY Earth Ambassadors and narrated by Earth Ambassador, Zunneh-bah Martin Kaylene chose a video called Burns Paiute Climate Resilience featuring youth and elders returning to their cultural ways of fishing and gathering. Zunneh-bah created Honoring our Ancestors that presents honoring Mother Earth as part of her inheritance she received from her grandparents.

UNITY Project Coordinator, Joshua Tso seamlessly wove together all the participants elements and worked to produce the webinar, said, “With more and more tools becoming readily available in the digital age, UNITY youth and Earth Ambassadors are able to share more and inspire others.  It is amazing to see the type of work these students are conducting and the dedication they have in making a difference.  From the first Earth Ambassador groups to present, there is a certain tenacity they all share.  There is no doubt the work will not stop for these students, and there will definitely be more webinars to come on various topics.

In closing the Webinar, Angela conducted the Q&A session fielding questions from the audience. She  closed out the webinar with a challenge to honor and celebrate Mother Earth. She shared, “An elder once told me that we are the new elders and we must act accordingly. What we do now impacts the seven generations before and after us. There are consequences to our actions and as land stewards, we have to take that responsibility seriously.”

Overall, the Celebrate Mother Earth Day was a success. Celebrate Mother Earth, Every Day!