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UNITY Training with Tulalip Tribal Youth Council

TULALIP, WASHINGTON – The beauty of the pacific northwest serves as a reflection of those who inhabit the land, especially it’s people and youth. The Tulalip Youth Services along with Tulalip Tribal Youth Council held a training with UNITY trainer Juanita C. Toledo (Jemez Pueblo) and UNITY staff Jared Ivins-Massey (White Mountain Apache/Navajo), engaging with more than 25 youth service employees and youth.


The UNITY training created a space for adults and youth to gather and share their issues, ideas, and collectively discover ways to address those problems that plague their community. The training featured coverage of the UNITY service learning curriculum and sessions led by UNITY trainer Juanita Toledo. The two days of training, listening, learning, team building, and dialogue closed with traditional songs by the Tulalip Tribal Youth Council.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with the Tulalip Youth Council and the staff from the Tulalip Youth Services in breathtaking Tulalip territory. Everyone was welcoming and open to learning what Jared and I had to share. We packed in a lot of information in a short amount of time – from team building, advocacy training to self care. Once we completed our training, a few members of the youth council blessed us a beautiful song as three bald eagles flew over us. I felt a strong sense of purpose and gratitude. I raise my hands and extend many thanks to the staff and youth council, I have full confidence they will continue to create impactful change in their community. ” -Juanita C. Toledo (Jemez Pueblo)

The youth of Tulalip are truly a reflection of their surroundings and embody the beauty of the coast Salish people. UNITY continues to strive to impact youth in Indian Country, and our work on the ground is made possible through partnerships with tribal leaders, alumni, and youth. We look forward to the growth of the Tulalip Tribal Youth Council.  Our hands are raised to Youth Council advisors Jessica Ellen Bustad, Marc Robinson, and the Tulalip Tribes for their hospitality.