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UNITY’s Executive Director Runs for Native Youth

Mary Kim Titla

In January 2014, UNITY Executive Director, Mary Kim Titla, dedicated her 26.2 mile marathon run to the nation’s Native youth. Read the story about why her run had deep meaning on many levels in an article she wrote that was recently published in Indian Country Today.

“As my feet hit the pavement mile after mile in Phoenix, Scottsdale and then Tempe, Arizona last month while running the P.F Chang’s Rock and Roll Marathon, I thought of “T” and “G.” “T”, an 18-year-old Apache/African American woman, was raised in a foster home. Her wrists tell a sad tale, desecrated from years of cutting, a form of self-injury. “T” responded to years of bullying by getting into fights and landed in and out of juvenile jail.”

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