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UNITY Midyear Highlights New Events

This year’s United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. (UNITY) midyear conference is being assembled around the theme Creating Balance Through Traditional Wellness, conceived and developed by UNITY’s Executive Committee during their recent retreat.

Speakers and activities during Midyear will offer insight and ideas for living balanced, healthy lives while embracing tradition. We are excited to announce new additions to the conference experience this year; Speed Workshops, an in-depth tour of the campus of Arizona State University (ASU), and the UNITY Fire.

The basic format of Speed Workshops is to provide an interactive method in which to learn, share and participate in a smaller, more focused group session. Confernce attendees will select three 30-minute workshops to attend, covering a topic that interests them. UNITY Peer Leaders will be stationed at tables throughout the room with a placard displaying the topic of the discussion they will be facilitating. There are going to be approximately 25 different options to choose from with topics ranging from college life, cultural preservation and personal finances to food sovereignty.

ASU is home to the largest population of American Indian students in the country and has a variety of programs and services that serve American Indian students. On Friday, Feb. 17, conference participants who have pre-registered for the event will visit the campus and have the opportunity to take part in various fitness activities. Native students currently attending ASU will host a panel presentation on academic programs, support services, and other opportunities available to Native students. Several fitness activities are planned throughout the day so participants are encouraged to bring a set of “work out” clothes with them.

The concept of the UNITY fire was introduced by the late Haudenosaunee elder Warren Skye, known to UNITY youth as Grandpa Skye. He taught that whenever tribal nations come together to conduct business or have ceremonies, there is always the use of a fire along with prayer to keep our words and actions positive and harmonious. The UNITY Fire is an important part of the national UNITY conferences and this year’s mid-year will have time dedicated to gathering around the fire for prayer and meditation.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s UNITY Midyear Conference!