UNITY Launches Wellness Warriors Program at 2017 Midyear Conference – UNITY, Inc.

UNITY Launches Wellness Warriors Program at 2017 Midyear Conference

Creating Balance Through Traditional Wellness

Wellness Warriors IntroducedThis new program promotes healthy lifestyle choices and an emphasis on cultural wellness and healing. With these principles, Wellness Warriors is designed to empower Native Youth to transform their communities through unique service projects. During the launch, we unveiled the new Wellness Warriors logo, featured guest speaker, Pearl Yellowman, gave an empowering message on wellness through traditional and modern teachings. To kick off our Wellness Warriors social media pages, conference attendees snapped and tagged photos to help promote our online presence.

The Wellness Warriors program, funded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, will help inspire and build cultural thinkers. By taking traditional concepts from their home communities, youth councils from around the nation will engage in community education to actively pursue a balanced life. We believe that indigenous knowledge is key to uplifting our communities. We aim to inspire youth leaders by providing tools to activate cultural teachings to see our people thrive.

The following video was taken during the February 2017 UNITY Midyear Conference that took place in Tempe, AZ.