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UNITY Fitness 40 Program

UNITY Fitness 40 App LogoAre you ready to start the New Year with a self-improvement resolution?
This is your opportunity to join UNITY’s “Fitness 40” Personal Wellness Challenge. You can also do this as part of a team (or youth council).

In the summer of 2016, in celebration of UNITY’s 40th Anniversary, UNITY announced the creation of the Fitness 40 Program.The goal is to create a healthier lifestyle by encouraging individuals and communities to participate in 40 minutes of activity, four times a week.

UNITY has four foundational principles that are the touchstone for any program, activity, or workshop that is developed and promoted; and that is to improve the SPIRITUAL, MENTAL, PHYSICAL, and SOCIAL well-being of Native youth. The Fitness 40 Program encompasses all four of these principles.

To further support, engage and promote the UNITY Fitness 40 program, a UNITY Fitness 40 App has been developed for iPhone and Android users. This new app encourages users to commit to a healthier lifestyle, hear encouraging messages from fitness experts and peers, find resources for health and fitness, and even learn and share culturally based healthy lifestyle habits, exercise activities, and traditional recipes.

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