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UNITY Eagle Mascot – How you can arrange an appearance!

Those who attended the National UNITY Conference in Denver last month saw the unveiling of UNITY’s brand mascot, the UNITY Eagle! 12 stuffed animals (eagles) are ready to make social media appearances across Indian Country. Members of the National UNITY Council Executive Committee will assist in promoting UNITY in their regions through the use of the UNITY Eagle mascot.

Studies show that brand mascots are effective tools for social media engagement. The GEICO Gecko, Pillsbury Dougboy, Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome and the Jolly Green Giant have all helped their companies do just that. Through its Eagle brand mascot, UNITY hopes to inspire youth councils and Native youth individual members to engage in conversation and share significant happenings in their communities. UNITY hopes its UNITY Eagle will take social media by storm!

We’re excited to send the UNITY Eagle to youth councils and individual members who request one. Just think how these eagle mascots can help you showcase the beauty of Indian Country. Here are some ideas for use of the UNITY Eagle mascot and posted via social media:

  • Youth councils and individual members may take a photo with the UNITY Eagle
  • The UNITY Eagle may be featured at a Youth Council event
  • Take a tour of your community with the UNITY Eagle!
  • Take a photo of the UNITY Eagle at a significant place in your community.

Don’t forget to share your photo with UNITY! If you or your youth council are interested in the UNITY Eagle making an appearance in your community, please contact your regional representative or contact Jared Massey at the UNITY office and we will be happy to help arrange an “appearance.” Jared can be reached at j.massey@unityinc.org.