UNITY Drum Makes Appearance at Wyandotte Powwow – UNITY, Inc.

UNITY Drum Makes Appearance at Wyandotte Powwow

The UNITY Drum, made up primarily of UNITY alumni singers, recently made its first appearance outside of the National UNITY Conference at a powwow in Wyandotte, Oklahoma. The Wynadotte nation recently held a pow wow to honor its pre-school children. Michael Killer, UNITY alumnus, served as the Head Singer.

“It was really cool that they held a dance just for the kids. They had contacted me to be the head singer. I accepted knowing it would be the UNITY drum doing the honor. Junior Sierra, Choogie Kingfisher, Wade Blevins and I, all alumni of UNITY along with some friends and family were there to help,” said Killer.
Killer plans to set up at future powwows as the UNITY Drum. He invites any UNITY alumni singers to join in when possible. Thank you Michael for honoring UNITY and its history serving Native youth as you set up during this powwow season!