UNITY Drum featured at 2018 Wyandotte Powwow – UNITY, Inc.

UNITY Drum featured at 2018 Wyandotte Powwow

The UNITY Drum, made up primarily of UNITY alumni singers, has been making appearances at various conferences in Oklahoma and recently the UNITY Drum was showcased at the Wyandotte Youth Powwow in Wyandotte, Oklahoma. The Wynadotte Nation hosts annual powwows to honor its pre-school children.

“A few members of the UNITY alumni have helped out at these events and we appreciate them a lot,” said Michael Killer, member of Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and a UNITY alumnus.

Singers who have joined the UNITY Drum over the years include Choogie Kingfisher, Wade Blevins, William Tsosie, Junior Sierra, Cricket Rice, Joe Deerinwater, Christopher Chanate, and Jacson Kingfisher. 

They have had the honor of singing at the opening ceremonies of the Intertribal Conference for Cherokee, Choctaw,  Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole tribes in Oklahoma. They’ve also participated in and provided demonstrations for the Southern Plains Indian Housing Association conference, Sequoyah High School, Tahlequah High School, and the University of Arkansas.

Killer plans to set up at other events as the UNITY Drum. He invites any UNITY alumni singers to join in when possible. Thank you, Michael and Junior Sierra for honoring UNITY and its history serving Native youth as you set up during this powwow season!