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UNITY Announces Sharing the Good News Project

UNITY’s mission, in part, is to promote youth involvement in the work of building a stronger Native America. To further its mission, UNITY supports and encourages its affiliated youth councils to attend to locally identified needs by planning and carrying out fitting projects, events, and activities. Stories from across the UNITY network show that Native youth are becoming more involved and accomplishing great things.

UNITY’s latest project is designed to recognize these dedicated young Natives, who are doing exemplary work, by “Sharing the Good News.” An anonymous gift makes it possible for UNITY to:

  • buy media equipment required to set up a UNITY News studio to produce and stream live and on-demand webcasts,
  • train staff and youth to produce news content for sharing the good news across the UNITY network and beyond, and
  • expand the network of potential viewers and content providers to other Native youth communities/groups.

The project will offer Native youth and representatives from affiliated youth councils training where they will learn how to produce news features to include in periodic Sharing the Good News webcasts.

Please pay regular visits to this website and the UNITY Facebook page for news updates about the training and related webcast schedules. Also, to receive news about this and other UNITY projects, join the email distribution list by completing the “Sign Up for the UNITY E-Newsletter” form at the bottom of this web page.