Tohono O’odham Nation Youth Council Inauguration Ceremony – UNITY, Inc.

Tohono O’odham Nation Youth Council Inauguration Ceremony

UNITY Pendleton Blankets were given by the Tohono O’odham Nation youth program to the outgoing Youth Council 2016-2018, Saturday, January 12, 2012, at the Inauguration Ceremony for the newly elected Youth Council members in Sell, Arizona at the Legislative Chambers. UNITY values the long-standing support of the Tohono O’odham Nation youth program.  As a result of that relationship, over 190 Tohono O’odham members attended the 2018 National UNITY Conference in San Diego, California.

Pictured above Left to Right: Raeshaun Ramon-Public Relations,  Amy SpottedWolf- Secretary, Lance Sanchez-President, Samuel Lopez-Vice President, SuNigh Antone- Treasurer and AngelRain Nunez-Parliamentarian. Photo by Stanley Publishing Company.

Lance Sanchez, UNITY 25 Under 25 Awardee and outgoing youth council President shared this quote: “It’s been an amazing 2 years serving as President alongside these individuals. Their willingness to work together to create a brighter future has been phenomenal. I believe we each have grown as leaders over the course of our term and I know they’ll be able to lead and inspire many youth as they continue their journey in life. I would like to thank them for their support and encouragement as officers and friends for the past two years and wish the best for the newly sworn in officers and members of the Tohono O’odham Nation Youth Council 2018-2020.” Sanchez said his “inspiration was the former Tohono O’odham Nation Youth Council members and my family, they have always been supportive of me and I wanted to show the youth of my community that anything was possible if they have the right mindset and determination.”

Sanchez explained his experience in passing on the President’s position to the next Native youth:
“Yesterday was officially the end of my 2 year term as President and 6 years as a representative on Tohono O’odham Nation Youth Council. It’s has been an amazing experience, that I am truly grateful for from the long drives and countless hours sitting in meetings, planning events to early mornings/ late nights traveling the state and the country representing my community, district, and the Tohono O’odham Nation.  The highs & lows are what made me who I am today. It feels weird to be moving on from something that has always been apart of my life since I was younger but I know there’s a lot more opportunities in my future and I’ll continue to do the work I’ve been doing since I was just a kid advocating on behalf of the youth of my community.

The President’s Calendar Stick (EST. 95)
Passed down from President to President where each leaves their “mark” symbolizing themselves & the term they served. Sanchez explained his mark as the “Ha:San (Cacti) they stand strong and tall. Representing my friends & family that supported me and for the 6 years I’ve been on council. A bird representing opportunities I’ve gained and the traveling I’ve done.The sun for the light song the first O’odham song I learned on youth council. Lastly a horse for my late godson, Wyatt Mason; our little cowboy. This is what represents me.”

UNITY is thankful and appreciates the Tohono O’odham Nation for their contribution for the UNITY Pendleton Blankets.  They are positively making a difference for their Native Youth and others.

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