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Teach for America Operations Coordinator Internship Application

Coordinator internship this summer now open!

The application is due Sunday, December 15th at 11:59 pm ET and you will receive notification about being offered the internship on Wednesday, March 12th.

Please note that this is a PAID INTERNSHIP!

What is an Operations Coordinator? Operations Coordinators (OCs) are part of our Institute Operations Team, which is a group of ops-minded staff responsible for the design, set up, and execution of all institute logistics.  This team provides the infrastructure needed to deliver outstanding instruction to ~5,000 summer school students whom our corps members in-training teach. While OCs aren’t in the classroom, their work has a direct impact on the quality of our institute and corps members’ training experience. We accept over 200 undergraduate students to our OC staff in the summer.

Where do OCs work? Teach For America has 48 regions all over the US where its corps members are placed. As such, we have over 12 awesome locations for our institutes all over the country. Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Tulsa, Phoenix, St. Louis, Detroit, Memphis, and Mississippi are just a quick preview!

What skills are required? Successful OCs are highly organized and detail-oriented, have exceptional problem solving skills, and are eager to learn how a large, established non-profit works. They are typically rising seniors or juniors.

How can I expect to develop and grow professionally through this internship? OCs develop important skills that enhance their impact in whatever job field they may go on to pursue. Some of the most important skill sets developed are vision-setting, planning, project/timeline management, data collection and analysis, communication, and technological.

How can I use and apply my studies in college within this internship? All of our OCs specialize in a certain area of their choosing within our summer institutes. Students concentrating in all areas of study have something for them in this internship whether their major be engineering, mathematics, sociology, education, marketing, accounting, etc. You can work with any of the following specializations:

Residential Ops
Technology Services
Special Events
School Site Logistics
Finance and Risk Management
Instructional Resources

What is required to apply? All you need is to do is submit a resume, cover letter, and complete a 1-2 hour applicant activity to submit an initial application. From here, you will have a phone interview and then be notified of your acceptance to the internship in early March.How do I apply? It’d be best to go to our website and read a bit more on your own about the role by clicking here. There is a link at the bottom of the webpage with brief instructions about how to get started by searching for “operations coordinator” in the search field on the first page and moving from there.

If you have specific questions about the internship, feel free to reach out to Candace Potter at candace.potter@teachforamerica.org.