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Taylor A. Charlie: Project Update

Taylor CharlieWhat an exciting year and busy year it has been for me.  My focus has been working with the homeless population in the greater Phoenix area, a project that I hold dear to my heart.  For many people, homelessness can be just one paycheck away.  According to the Department of Economic Security’s 2013 annual report, 27,877 adults and children experience homelessness in Arizona, with Maricopa County representing 64% of the state’s homeless population. 

By providing food, warm clothing and toiletries I have taken to the streets a couple times a month to serve food and distribute my donations. In addition, I have been working with a local group that focuses on serving the homeless and providing them with my photography skills.  They use my pictures to promote service on their social media pages and in publications.

As Co-chair for the Arizona Governor’s Youth Commission I continue to promote volunteer service around the state by working with young commissioners through mentorship and assisting them with goal setting.  Serving on the commission has allowed me to develop and initial several homeless projects on my own and become more involved in homeless projects that have sustainability.
Taylor Charlie UpdateTaylor Charlie Update