Request for Proposals: Wellness Warriors Smart Phone Mobile Application – UNITY, Inc.

Request for Proposals: Wellness Warriors Smart Phone Mobile Application

The UNITY Wellness Warriors project is seeking proposals from experienced and qualified firms or individuals to assist with the creation of a mobile phone application(s) which will be compatible with iPhone and Android phones.
UNITY’s new Wellness Warriors project promotes healthy lifestyle choices and an emphasis on cultural wellness and healing.  The UNITY Wellness Warriors Smartphone Application will be the first of its kind by challenging Native youth to live a balanced life, through tracking their progress, in 3 areas of focus: Personal Well-being, Cultural Engagement, and Community Service. Each user will have a custom culturally-relevant profile that tracks their progress, becoming a “Wellness Warrior” through a series of activities and challenges. The user will earn points by completing challenges in each of the 3 areas to achieve levels of the Wellness Warrior Challenge.

Personal Well-being: In this section of the UNITY Wellness Warriors Smartphone Application, Native youth can earn points by logging their daily levels of Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Social energy levels on a circular scale. They can also track their daily minutes of physical activity through pedometer entries or inputting fitness activities. By tracking their energy levels and physical activity the youth will learn how to better find balance through identifying areas that need improvement week to week.

In Phase II of the Personal Well-being section, users will receive push notifications on weekly wellness tips, regional health resources and information on how to better reach the goal of 40 minutes of activity 4 times a week (the UNITY Fitness 40 Challenge). This section will create measurable and achievable goals that can be celebrated on a national level through UNITY’s network of youth councils.

Cultural Engagement: In this section of the UNITY Wellness Warriors Smartphone Application, culture and language prompts will challenge youth to earn points by asking indigenous words for wellness or balance, traditional recipes and cultural games to be shared with their region. UNITY youth councils are currently organized by 10 geographic regions; the interactive regional map would display recent activity and user uploads.  As indigenous peoples, we know these cultural concepts are vital to a youth’s sense of belonging, self-identity, and pride in their home communities.

Phase II of this section will include a digital storytelling platform around a virtual UNITY Fire with youth submissions of videos on seasonal storytelling, creation stories, language revitalization resources, etc. Youth would submit entries using a UNITY Fire video filter or stickers and earn points for each video blog entry at their regional fire. Users would be able to visit each of the 10 regional UNITY fires and learn from their peers.

Community Service:  Through this section of the UNITY Wellness Warriors Smartphone Application, Native youth will gain a deeper understanding of community service project planning tools. Users will be able to track their progress using UNITY’s 10 step Action Planning Process for their service project. The customizable timeline would have calendar access to set project deadlines and send reminders of upcoming goals. The Application would offer links to templates, checklists, and recorded webinars for project planning skill building.

In Phase II of this section, users will receive push notifications on their progress with reminders of marketing deadlines, timeline goals, or upcoming events in their area. Native youth will be able to share service project examples and upload a final report on their projects. This action planning process will motivate youth to action while laying a clear path to follow.

The UNITY Wellness Warrior Smartphone Application shall include:
Phase I:
• Easy to update content modules;
• Built-in up-front survey that collects data from the user when creating a customizable user profile;
• Track user profile points when completing challenges in each of the 3 areas;
• Monthly analytics report with downloads and progress user completion for each activity or challenge;
• Track daily energy levels and minutes of physical activity of users through pedometer or data entry on graphs;
• Interactive regional map where users can upload photos, text, links or audio files in response to prompts; and
• Interactive timeline of Action Planning Process with calendar access and event deadline reminders

Phase II:
• Increased analytics to encompass new functions
• Push notifications with weekly wellness tips, regional health resources and new fitness challenges;
• Digital storytelling platform with virtual UNITY Fire within each region for user video submissions;
• Users will be able to find events in their Region, and upload final project reports with audiovisuals to share with others.

The period during which the services described herein will be performed will start upon award of the contract. The contractor shall make a prototype version to be tested in a small group by May 31, 2017.  The contractor shall make the final version of Phase I of the Android and iPhone applications available to the public for free download via the Android Marketplace and iPhone App Store by June 23, 2017.  Phase II of the UNITY Wellness Warriors Smartphone Application will continue September 1, 2017 – January 15, 2018.

Qualifications of the Contractor:
The contractor must have experience in Android application development, Android SDK and APIs, and Java. The contractor must have experience in iOS application development for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The contractor should be able to provide UNITY with a template for building content. The Smartphone application should be written such that any iPhone or Android phone will be able to use it.

Part 1 – Written Proposals will be evaluated on overall best value for UNITY based on quality, service, price, and other criteria set out in this RFP, but not limited to:
• The proposer’s demonstrated experience in similar projects;
• The proposer’s business and technical reputation and capabilities, and, where applicable, the experience of its personnel, financial stability, track record, and references of current and former customers;
• The proposed plan of approach and work schedule;
• The proposed methodology for coordination with UNITY; and
• The quality of submission.

Part 2 – Interview
The top candidates will be interviewed to determine which firm or consultant most closely meets the needs of UNITY.

A completed Application Packet will include the following:
1. Letter of interest
2. Proposal
3. Price quote
4. Relevant examples of past Applications and
5. List of References

All documents are required to be received by UNITY no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, March 31, 2017.

To submit: