Nevada Native Youth Aim to Create Youth Councils – UNITY, Inc.

Nevada Native Youth Aim to Create Youth Councils

About a dozen Native youth in Nevada recently made a commitment to create youth councils in their communities. The commitment took place at the Nevada Department of Education’s 10th Annual American Indian/Alaska Native Education Summit held last month at the University of Nevada (UNR) in Reno, Nevada. Currently, there are no UNITY affiliated youth councils in Nevada, which is home to 27 tribal communities.

UNITY’s Executive Director, a featured speaker at the conference, spent time with the youth leaders and praised them for accepting the challenge to help push for the creation of youth councils. “We want to see many Nevada Native youth at our UNITY events including our national conference in Denver. You can be sponsored by your tribes, schools, churches or organizations. It may take awhile to get a youth council started but in the meantime, you may attend as individuals. We want to see you at UNITY!,” said Titla to a crowd of about 200 Native youth and advisors.

The event was partly organized by Fredina Drye-Romero, Education Programs Professional for Indian Education with the Nevada Department of Education, and Saundra Mitrovich, Outreach and Retention Coordinator at UNR. Both are alumna of UNITY.