Pay Your Affiliation Fees Now and Receive a Discount! – UNITY, Inc.

Pay Your Affiliation Fees Now and Receive a Discount!

Every year UNITY affiliated youth councils are asked to pay their affiliation fees prior to the National UNITY Conference, which allows for youth councils to participate in the National UNITY Council business meeting and elections. The National UNITY Council (NUC) was first established in 1992 in S. Paul, Minnesota. The membership fee was set at $25.00 and as of last year, had not changed in the last 24 years. Recently the fee was increased to $100.00. However, all youth councils may receive a $25.00 discount if the affiliation fee is paid by April 30.

The additional fees will be used to help defray costs of services provided to the National UNITY Council network including affiliation certificates, UNITY flag/banner, shipping costs and other services provided to the NUC via the website, email and social media (youth council toolkit, announcements, profiles, etc.). The affiliation fee for individual members is $50.00. The discount will not apply to individual membership fees.