NUC EC Passes a Resolution to Reaffirm I Will Live Campaign for 2021 – UNITY, Inc.

NUC EC Passes a Resolution to Reaffirm I Will Live Campaign for 2021

In efforts to bring further attention to suicide prevention in the midst of the global Pandemic, the National UNITY Council reaffirmed the “I Will Live” Initiative during the 2021 Business Meeting.  The NUC encourages all UNITY affiliated Youth Councils to share updated resources with their communities. The EC aims to inspire collective action, to bring about Native wellness and empower others to actively pursue a balanced lifestyle.

According to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention reports, suicide rates are high among all American Indian and Alaska Native (Native American) populations, with youth being affected most. Forty percent of all Native American suicides involve children and youth ages 15 to 24. And in Native communities, youth suicide contagion is common, where one suicide triggers others attempts, resulting in multiple suicides or attempts within a short time frame.

The 2021 Executive Committee wishes to empower Native youth to improve healthy lifestyle choices and actions with an emphasis on personal wellness. The EC also wish to continue the efforts made by the Wellness Warriors campaign to address Covid-19 impacts on local communities through promoting mental health resources. By continuing the I Will Live Campaign, they hope to share resources and PSA for holistic approaches to health and cultural teachings on healing.

The Executive Committee will launch their suicide prevention toolkit before the 2021 National Conference in July 2021.