Noli Indian School graduates 11 in June ceremony – UNITY, Inc.

Noli Indian School graduates 11 in June ceremony

Eleven Native students are ready to pursue their goals and dreams after completing requirements to graduate from Noli Indian School, which is located on the Soboba Indian Reservation in Southern California. Many of the students representing various tribes proudly attached eagle feathers to their beaded graduation caps as they received their diplomas inside the Soboba’s new casino event center. The ceremony began with prayer and bird singing led by Wayne Nelson of the Inter-tribal Singers.

Jarrod Chapparosa, Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians, class Salutatorian, shared an inspirational message with his classmates as did Elena Quiroz, Oglala Sioux, named class Valedictorian. UNITY’s Executive Director Mary Kim Titla served as a Keynote Speaker. Her message focused on determination, failure and perseverance. She encouraged graduates to remember their ancestry and to draw strength from the spiritual foundation inherent in their tribal cultures.

“Spirituality and prayer are central to who we are as people. In all we do, spirituality is connected. Prayer and our songs are interconnected, prayer and basket making are interconnected, prayer and harvest time are interconnected. You can’t separate them. Thanks to prayer, I’m who I am today. Never forget who you are and the sacrifices made by your ancestors so we could be here today,” said Titla.

A big congrats to all the graduates! Noli Indian School is overseen by the Bureau of Indian Education. You can find out more about the school here: