NMAI Artist Leadership Program – UNITY, Inc.

NMAI Artist Leadership Program

NMAI’s (National Museum of the American Indian) Artist Leadership Program for Individual Artists enables indigenous artists to research, document, and network in Washington, D.C., and then return to their home communities empowered with new artistic insights, skills, and techniques to share with their communities and the general public the value of Native knowledge through art. This program aims to rebuild cultural self-confidence and enable artists to think more broadly about themselves and their art while perpetuating Indigenous cultures and reflecting artistic diversity. Artists may apply to the Artist Leadership Program for Individual Artists in one of two areas:
•       Youth Public Art
•       Artist’s Community Workshop

Artists selected in each area will participate in a two-part program. The first part centers on visiting Washington, D.C., to conduct research in the collections of the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI), Smithsonian Institution (SI), and other local museums; meet with NMAI/SI staff; conduct presentations for NMAI staff and the museum public; and visit area galleries. Selected artists will receive assistance to make appointments for training and museum research visits. While in Washington, D.C., artists will also be provided professional training services. Air travel and hotel lodging costs associated with the trip will be reimbursed to the artist. The artist will return home to facilitate a community project in order to share knowledge learned from the experience and research conducted in Washington, D.C.

Visit the National Museum of the American Indian website for more information about this program.