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NIEA Letter Congratulates UNITY for 35 Year Milestone

UNITY received a letter of congratulations from the National Indian Education Association (NIEA) that recognized the special impact that the organization has had on the lives of Native youth. The letter was signed by Mary Jane Oatman – Wak Wak, NIEA President, and read by Quinton Roman Nose, NIEA President Elect, during an April 15 reception held at the UNITY offices in Oklahoma City.

The letter says in part, “On behalf of the National Indian Education Association, congratulations on the celebration of UNITY’s milestone! This letter is written to recognize the special impact and significance of UNITY, Inc. as you celebrate your 35th anniversary. As a UNITY conference alum, I can attest to the impact that the conferences and leadership events have on the lives of our Native youth, including my own. Many of the friends that I made are now colleagues that I network with throughout Indian Country. The experience was invaluable and impacts my career today.”

The complete letter may be viewed at the following linked page on this website.

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