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New Committee Formed for Important Job

The National UNITY Council (NUC) Executive Committee established the Committee of Area Representatives at a business meeting that took place during the recent UNITY conference. Directly following this action, eleven native youth were elected to serve on the newly created committee by the vote of youth council representatives, who had convened for this purpose in area caucuses.

The committee’s primary purpose is to evaluate the council’s constitution and bylaws and propose amendments that will ensure the Executive Committee’s makeup fairly represents the NUC’s broad geographically distributed membership. The Committee of Area Representatives’ recommendations are to be presented to the national council for consideration at least sixty days prior to the vote for adoption, which will take place during the 2011 National UNITY Conference.

The area representatives committee members are also expected to establish and maintain contact with all youth councils within their respective areas of responsibility. Executive Committee members recognize the importance of this approach because experience has shown that the best decisions are made when many voices contribute to the deliberations. Therefore, the area representatives’ role as a central point of contact within the eleven areas will make it easier for youth council members to provide their thoughts and recommendations for improving the constitution. All interested are encouraged to join in the conversation, enrich it with your best thinking and help move this important undertaking forward to a successful conclusion.

The area representatives will also look to the youth councils within their areas to provide news items and reports on their activities. The information received will then be posted on the UNITY Website so others can gain knowledge and insights that may encourage them to adapt the ideas for community service, fund raising and other projects for implementation within their own communities. Such sharing helps create a community of mutual support and promotes a central goal of the National UNITY Council.

The map below lists the names of the representatives who serve on the Committee of Area Representatives and shows their area of responsibility. Each youth council can expect to be contacted by your area representative before the end of November. If you are not contacted in this time, please notify the UNITY office, which will arrange for the responsible representative to make contact.