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National UNITY Council Executive Committee Announcement

Calling all Native youth leaders in the Southeastern and Pacific Regions! Applications are open for vacant positions on the National UNITY Council’s Executive Committee (NUC EC): 

“It is much to our dismay that we announce the vacancy of two Regional Area Representatives for the NUC EC. Due to unforeseen circumstances in their respective lives, the Pacific Area Representative and the Southeastern Area Representative have resigned their positions as NUC EC Representatives. We thank them deeply for their service to UNITY Inc., to the NUC EC, and to the youth.  We wish them boundless success in their current and future endeavors, and are profoundly proud of them as they continue to walk along their road of life” stated the current NUC EC officers.

Recently, on Feb. 17th at the UNITY Midyear Conference, the National UNITY Council voted to amend the NUC Constitution and Bylaws. The amendment was in regards to filling EC Area Representative vacancies, specifically in the event that representative vacating their position ran unopposed. In accordance to this amendment (Article IV, Section 6, Item C), the process for filling the positions of Pacific Area Representative and Southeastern Area Representative will be as follows:

  • NUC Representatives from the vacant region (Pacific and Southeastern Regions) will submit their declaration of candidacy for the open Area Representative positions. Representatives must be an individual member in good standing, or be a member of a National UNITY Council affiliated Youth Council in good standing, in accordance with Article III: National UNITY Council Membership. Applications will be reviewed and confirmed through the UNITY Office by the appropriate processes.
  • Those who applied will be announced to the NUC Youth Councils and individual members in good standing from the region of the vacant position on Monday, April 8, 2019.
  • The NUC Youth Councils and individuals in good standing will then have one (1) week to give their recommendation from the list for the Area Representative position, via an online voting poll.
  • The Recommendation poll closes on Monday, April 15th, 2019.
  • The NUC Executive Committee will then appoint a new Area Representative by majority vote at their next meeting, based on the pertinent consideration of the recommendations submitted.
  • Lastly, in accordance to the Constitution and By-laws, the Board of Trustees ratify and approve all recommended changes, appointments and amendments before releasing publically.

If you plan to submit an application for nomination, please have your declaration of candidacy filled out and submitted to by the aforementioned deadline, (04/05/19) to be considered for the respective positions. As stated, the accepted nominations will be distributed to the youth councils in good standing. To find out if your council is in good standing, or how you can become a member in good standing, please contact the UNITY Office at (480) 718-9793.

Again, we thank our former representatives for their contributions. We look forward to welcoming two new representatives who are ready to represent the interests of the youth within their regions to the best of their ability.