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National Congress of American Indians Youth Commission Elects Jared Massey National Co-President

The following story is from a White Mountain Apache Tribe Education Department news release that was issued on December 01, 2012.

Jared is currently the Co-President of the National UNITY Council’s Executive Committee. Congratulations Jared for being elected to this new leadership responsibility.


Whiteriver, AZ – The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) convened for the annual convention October 21-26 in Sacramento, CA. NCAI is a national organization that advocates, lobbies and addresses issues throughout Indian country. During this year’s annual convention, the NCAI Youth Commission elected White Mountain Apache tribal member Jared Massey National NCAI Youth Commission Co-President.

Throughout the week, Massey worked with native youth from tribes throughout the United States and focused on encouraging the Native Vote campaign for NCAI. The Youth Commission election was held October 24, in which Massey was declared the winner after garnering the most votes out of a field of four (4) young men.


White Mountain Apache Tribe Councilman Arnold Beach Sr. said, “It was a proud moment to have the opportunity to attend the Annual NCAI Convention and support Jared in his journey to become the NCAI Youth Commission President. As a tribal leader, I am extremely proud of Jared and all of our Apache youth. I know that Jared’s work with NCAI will continue to provide encouragement to our youth, inspire our community and make the White Mountain Apache Tribe very proud.”


The NCAI Youth Commission was established in 1997 and has been an avenue for tribal youth to come together and discuss solutions to the unique challenges they face within their communities. The youth commission has served as an organization for Indian Country’s young people to stand together, empowered, to inform Indian country’s greater decisions regarding the future. Youth Commission members have often informed NCAI’s general membership on various issues, informing key advocacy decision.


During his term as Co-President of the NCAI Youth Commission, Massey will work closely with tribal leaders to address issues throughout Indian country including BIA funding, healthcare, Indian Health Services, Indian Reservation Roads funding, Indian gaming and much more.


“We are extremely proud of Jared. He serves and an excellent role model and ambassador of the White Mountain Apache Tribe. The National Congress of American Indians is a great organization that works for the betterment and well-being of Indian people. NCAI will be a great experience for Jared to further develop his leadership skills and solidify his future’s foundation with education, culture and experience,” stated Harrisen DeClay, WMAT Education Director.


Massey also serves at the National UNITY Co-President, currently on his second consecutive term. Massey is the son Leo and Rolinda (Ivins) Massey of Seven Mile, Arizona. Currently, Massey attends Arizona State University and working on a double major in Political Science and Justice Studies.