Monthly Giving for Pendleton Blankets! – UNITY, Inc.

Monthly Giving for Pendleton Blankets!

UNITY is offering the first 50 monthly donors, who pledge to one year of monthly donations of $25 a month for a standard UNITY Pendleton Blanket or $50 per month for a UNITY Founders Pendleton Blanket personally signed by J.R. Cook, to include shipping. We will reserve your UNITY blanket and ship it to you once we receive your tenth payment.

UNITY has faithful individual donors who give monthly with Recurring Giving to support leadership development for Native Youth. Some give monthly through employer giving programs, such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo. UNITY has only a couple of direct monthly donors who selected the recurring donation option on the UNITY Donation page. The fund development team is hoping to grow UNITY’s recurring giving.

Did you know if UNITY had 100 monthly donors giving $25 per month, together these donors will give $30,000 in one year? Together, monthly donors can meaningfully support Native youth.

Did you know that you can designate your donation to one of UNITY’s programs?  Native youth are involved in UNITY year round, to include; the National UNITY Council, Earth Ambassadors, UNITY News, The Golda Cook Memorial Scholarship, Youth Council to Advisors support and training, general operations, supplies and registration or travel scholarships to the National and Midyear conferences.

Consider becoming a Monthly Donor. No donation is too small. Together, we can make a positive difference.

For More Information on this special offer, please call UNITY Headquarters at 480-718-9793