Live Youth to Youth Connections – UNITY, Inc.

Live Youth to Youth Connections

During this year’s Midyear Conference participants will have an opportunity to join live discussions on the top 10 issues facing UNITY youth. These interactive sessions will be available after the general session on Friday and Saturday. UNITY leaders will brainstorm ways their peers can create community change to address these challenges.

Join the Midyear live on Friday, April 23 at 6:20 pm and Saturday, April 24th at 11:00 am to join the following breakout rooms:

  • Colby Whitethunder “Cultural Identity. Be Proud.”  with UNITY trainer Robert Johnston
  • Leticia Gonzales “Finding Positive Role Models” with UNITY trainer Juanita Toledo
  • Kiera Toya “Mental Health during a Pandemic” with UNITY trainer Pearl Yellowman
  • Audri Mitchell “Growing up Urban Native” with UNITY Staff Tami Patterson
  • Nataanii Hatathlie “Education Disparities among Native youth with UNITY trainer Chance Rush
  • Rory Wheeler “Overcoming Past Mistakes”
  • Elijah Landin “Creating a Healthy Home Environment and Relationships” with UNITY Staff Greg Mendoza
  • Will Mosley “Cultural Identity as a state recognized Tribal Member” with UNITY trainer Marcus Guinn
  • Ami Temarantz Youth Action Planning for Climate Change” with UNITY Staff Joshua Tso
  • Scottie Miller “It’s OK to ask for Help” with UNITY Staff LorenAshley Buford
  • Sareya Taylor “Our Sisters Voice: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Youth”
  • Native LGBTQ2S+ and Allies Let Your Voice Be Heard: COVID-19 Impacts Study.  Learn about an opportunity for Native straight and LGBTQ2S+ youth to be involved, heard, and seen within a national Native and gender minority study. Come learn about how to let your voice be heard with gift card incentives!!
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