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How to Enter the UNITY Wellness Challenge

Invitation to participate in a special Wellness Warriors challenge

UNITY’s mission, in part, is to, “help build a STRONG, unified, and self-reliant NATIVE AMERICA through greater youth involvement.” The Wellness Warriors project helps achieve this goal by offering tools and activities that promote better health and wellness among the nation’s Native youth.


If you want to improve your state of health and wellness, take the Wellness Warriors Challenge as an important step on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

By taking the 3 – week (twenty-one-day) challenge, you will begin replacing old habits with new and positive behaviors. Although making such changes takes work, consider it an investment that will return a healthier future you.

By completing the challenge and providing a progress report to the Wellness Warriors Team, you will be entered in a drawing for a special prize to be awarded on Friday of each week between Dec 19, 2018 and Jan 9, 2019.

Click the link to download the Personal Wellness Plan for a printable version of the challenge 


Step 1 – Think of a habit that would improve your chances for a healthier lifestyle. Now, in the space below, state the habit as a goal to pursue during the Wellness Warrior Challenge. For example, your personal goal statement may read, “By January 21, 2019, I will be walking at least 2 miles on each of five days a week.” Note that your goal statement will be specific to the habit you wish to begin developing and focused on results that are both realistic and attainable in the twenty-one days allotted.

Personal Goal Statement:


Step 2 – Create a Personal Wellness Plan by entering the tasks to complete during the three-week challenge in the Planning and Tracking Form.


3 Week (21 day) Commitment

Name: ___________________ Start Date:_______

Day Status Task Note
Place a checkmark in the status column next to a completed daily task. Do check next to uncompleted tasks.
Create a similar chart for yourself to track your progress during Week 2 and 3. 

Step 3 – Work the Plan and Track Progress by placing a checkmark in the box to the left of each task listed on the Planning and Tracking Form. Also, log any difficulties met while performing a task, reasons for not finishing a task, notes of encouragement, or changes to the plan. Are all the boxes checked? If so, then…


Congratulations. YOU DID IT! You completed the Wellness Warrior Challenge. You set a goal, committed to it, and carried it through to completion.

Keep in mind, it often takes longer than three-weeks to acquire a habit. You may, therefore, decide to continue working your plan until the desired behavior becomes automatic: a habit. It’ll be worth it because, such modes of behavior, which you have proven capable of constructing, are the foundation on which healthy lifestyles are built. So, stay with it and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.


Tracking your progress can be fun and easy!
Post a photo or video of your progress each Wednesday before midnight 
(Dec 19, 2018 – Jan 9, 2019) on social media using the hashtags #UNITYWellnessChallenge.
Prizes will be announced live on UNITY’s social media each Friday of the Challenge based on that weeks posts.

Your photo or video posts can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the FREE UNITY Wellness Warriors mobile app  (available for download on GooglePlay  and  iTunes)
Make sure that your sharing settings are set to Public for the UNITY Staff to be able to view your entries and enter you into the weekly raffle.
As always, if you are under the age of 18 years old consult your parents for permission to participate before posting online.

The 3rd Place Winner will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card -and- Limited Edition UNITY Skoden Swag !
Prizes are made possible by the generous support from the W.K.Kellogg Foundation 

Have any questions? Email or for more information