Hopi Youth Visit UNITY Office – UNITY, Inc.

Hopi Youth Visit UNITY Office

Hopi Youth Visit UNITYStudents from Hopi Jr. and Sr. High School located in Keams Canyon, Arizona, recently visited the UNITY office. The group took a tour of UNITY’s national headquarters and listened to a presentation by the Mesa Strength Youth Council. Students also learned more about the Today’s Native Leader’s Initiative (TNL), which is a Cooperative Agreement between UNITY and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. TNL focuses on culturally relevant leadership development through community service. The Hopi students are interested in establishing themselves as an affiliated youth council, which will allow them to be a part of the National UNITY Council.

The National UNITY Council (NUC) was established in 1992 to serve as the representative arm of the UNITY Network. It is made up of a young man and young woman from each affiliated youth council, who represent their respective youth councils on the NUC. Tribes, schools, and community organizations can reap benefits by tapping the creative, enthusiastic, and insightful ideas and voices of young people through the creation of youth councils. To learn more about the NUC’s purpose and structure, please visit the UNITY website, click the tab “Native Youth” and “All About Youth Councils.”
Thanks to the Mesa Strength Youth Council for teaming up with the UNITY staff to do ice breakers and make the Hopi students feel welcomed.