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Grief, Loss, and Bereavement Resources

Mental health professionals and school mental health personnel often do not receive intensive training on helping patients manage grief, loss, and bereavement, particularly grief related to situations seen during this pandemic. This series of fact sheets, developed by the MHTTC Network, is designed to help mental health professionals and school mental health personnel support patients, students, and families who may be experiencing grief at any time, including during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this sheet, we define grief and differentiate between normative or uncomplicated grief from prolonged or complicated grief.

In this Fact Sheet helps define Grief: The COVID-19 crisis has claimed the lives of many and has changed the lives of others forever. Whether due to a death caused by COVID-19 or loss due to another significant life change, grief is a common reaction during this unprecedented time. Though grief is difficult, it is helpful to recognize that it is a normal and natural response after losing someone or something important. For most who have lost someone close to them, the experience of sorrow and loss will linger, but eventually becomes tolerable within a few weeks to months. When grief does not resolve or becomes maladaptive, this is called complicated grief. Complicated grief can be diagnosed as prolonged grief disorder and may require evaluation and/or treatment by a mental health professional.

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