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Getting To Know Kara McDonagh, OJJDP Program Specialist

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention provides support for UNITY’s Peer Guide Program through a cooperative agreement. This article was written by our partners at Tribal Youth Resource Center.

The Tribal Youth Resource Center (TYRC) team took a few minutes to ask OJJDP Program Specialist Kara McDonagh a few “get to know you” questions. We learned more about her work as an OJJDP program specialist and about her passion and dedication to Tribal youth programs.

TYRC: What is your current role?
Kara: “I am a program specialist with OJJDP and a team lead for OJJDP Tribal Youth programs.”

TYRC: How long have you worked with OJJDP and with Tribal Programs?
Kara: “I have worked with OJJDP for ten years.”

TYRC: What is something meaningful you have learned in your work?Kara: “Perhaps the most meaningful thing I’ve learned in my work is how much I don’t know. It’s humbling to begin to understand the magnitude of knowledge and complexity that there is in even a rudimentary understanding of the histories and cultures of the indigenous peoples of this land. For me, it’s also been extremely meaningful to learn about the generosity, beauty, strength, and sacredness of Native cultures, languages, songs, traditions, and practices. My exposure to these rich cultures has changed how I view the world.”

TYRC: What are some of your favorite hobbies, activities, or pastimes?Kara: “I love to read, write, and make art. I also love a good long conversation and a bottomless cup of tea.”

TYRC: Anything else you want to share?
Kara: “If you have a recommendation for a book I can read to learn more about your Tribe or region please let me know. One of my absolute favorite books was recommended to me at an OJJDP strategic planning session by a program director- it’s called “Breaking Ground- the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe and the Unearthing of Tse-whit-zen Village.” I highly recommend it.”

Thank you Kara for sharing and for letting us get to know you better. Visit OJJDP’s website to learn more about OJJDP Tribal Youth Program initiatives.