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Earth Ambassadors Complete Circle of 95 Training

UNITY News ScanThe first class of Earth Ambassadors met at the Anytown Camp near Prescott, AZ in 1995 to receive training. Twenty three Ambassadors participated and received training conducted by Bea Shawanda, long time UNITY supporter and youth advocate. A scan of the original article that appeared in a print copy of UNITY News may be viewed HERE.

For many years UNITY printed 14,000 copies of a quarterly issue of UNITY News that was distributed to those in the UNITY Network. Over time the print version was phased out and replaced by the UNITY website and the use of other digital communications tools.

Also, of interest on the image is a list of the top ten issues to Native youth that was compiled by the National UNITY Council in 1996. Of interest because many of those same issues from 20 years ago would in all likelihood be identified in a similar survey of the current members of the National Council.