Duties of Committees – UNITY, Inc.

Duties of Committees

A committee may be appointed, chosen from volunteers, or elected by the members of the entire group. The size of committees may vary according to the project and the scope of work to be accomplished. Smaller groups work more effectively. Five to seven members constitute a workable number. Committees should be large enough to represent a variety of opinions, yet small enough to make meeting schedules possible.

Types of Committees

  • Standing: Usually elected or appointed for the entire year. Some examples are programs, elections and membership, and social committees. As a Network Affiliate, possible standing committees would be environment, heritage, community service, and healthy lifestyles.
  • Special: Appointed for a specific purpose. When the specific purpose is accomplished, the committees may be appointed to investigate or to act for the entire group.
  • Executive: Usually composed of officers, chairpersons of committees or an elected board. This group assists in planning meetings and initiating and organizing activities. Reports from this group are compiled by the secretary from the minutes of their meetings.

    Committee members should:

  • Understand the purposes of the committee and the methods for achieving and evaluating activities.
  • Share the responsibility with the leader in making the meeting successful.
  • Understand their responsibility in the group and to their constituents.
  • Understand parliamentary procedure and other leadership techniques.
  • Be interested, enthusiastic, and able to honestly follow through with assigned duties.
  • Be willing to place group objectives above personal objectives and be able to accept the majority position and support it.

    Committee reports should include the following information:

  • Name of the committee, name of chairperson, and names of the members.
  • Date that work began, number of meetings held, and list of supplies with the amount, cost, and where obtained.
  • Committee activities.
  • Evaluation.
  • Committee suggestions.
  • Signature of chairperson or committee spokesperson or secretary.