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Co-Presidents Promote UNITY at National Conventions

National UNITY Council Co-Presidents, Hamilton Seymour and Sophie Tiger, address tribal leadership at the annual National Congress of American Indians convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Co-Presidents of the National UNITY Council, Sophie Tiger, Comanche/Standing Rock Sioux, and Hamilton Seymour, Nooksack and Stz’uminus First Nation, addressed tribal leaders during a general assembly at the National Congress of American Indians convention held recently in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They explained UNITY’s mission and promoted UNITY’s year-round youth programs including the Earth Ambassadors, 25 Under 25, the Wellness Warriors and upcoming conferences. Seymour also thanked NCAI President Brian Cladoosby for his leadership and support of Native youth over the last two years. Cladoosby, Chairman of the Swinomish Tribe, ended his second term as NCAI President at the convention.


Hamilton Seymour and Sophie Tiger network with Native youth leaders at the National Indian Education Association’s national conference in Orlando, Florida.

Earlier this month, Tiger and Seymour addressed American Indian and Native Hawaiian educators at the National Indian Education Association convention in Orlando, Florida. They participated in an Elder and Youth Panel at a Plenary Session and addressed educators during a general assembly. In addition, UNITY distributed information about upcoming events during the trade shows. “UNITY has long partnered with NCAI and NIEA. We appreciate both organizations providing this valuable opportunity to our young leaders to express their voices and promote UNITY’s long track record of providing important youth leadership programming,” said Mary Kim Titla, UNITY’s Executive Director.


‘UNITY has given me countless opportunities, but as my last term as Male Co-President of the NUC EC. I got to experience my first ever NIEA conference and I was able to speak on a panel with other youth and elders. Then for this past NCAI conference, I got to give the UNITY update/report with my Female Co-President and it was/is my last time doing it serving as Male Co-President. I’m just thankful for the leadership opportunities UNITY has given me,” said Hamilton Seymour.

“It was an honor to be one of the many voices for the Native youth at two such prestigious conferences that work in the best interests of Indian Country. It was my first time ever attending the National Indian Education Association conference and National Congress of American Indians convention and I was able to witness the great work both organizations are accomplishing. I would love to thank UNITY for providing me with these wonderful opportunities that allow growth and knowledge,” said Sophie Tiger.