Chichiáxxaawasuua: Crow Fair 2019  – UNITY, Inc.

Chichiáxxaawasuua: Crow Fair 2019 

The 101st Annual “Teepee Capitol of the World” took place over the weekend in Crow Agency, Montana. The beauty of the celebration included it’s Parade, in which the Apsáalooke people showcase the beauty of their horses, outfits, and one of a kind beadwork. 

“Chichiáxxaawasuua is my favorite time of the year and is mainly what I look forward to! It’s kind of like my reset button where I can be grounded and ready to take on the new year. There is nothing else that feels better than to celebrate our Apsáalooke way of life with each other and to share it with others. We camp, we pray, we laugh, we eat, we parade our finest horses, we dance with each other, we sing the night away, we giveaway to our clan relatives, we parade dance to bring in the new year and most importantly we carry on our Apsáalooke ways. There is truly no where else like it in this world!”

– JoRee Vi Lafrance 

The staple of the celebration highlights the people with their annual Parading, in which the people showcase their finest horses, clothing, and hats. The beauty of the Apsáalooke is shown through our UNITY 25 Under 25 Honorees JoRee Vi Lafrance and TaNeel Filesteel

The powerful photography of Denesha Begay.