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Meet Those Who Received Awards During the 2016 National Conference

During its 40th Anniversary Gala (Banquet) UNITY recognized a number of individuals and a special Youth Council with awards. The awardees included the Golda Cook Scholarship winners, as well as the recipients of the Eddie Wadda UNITY Alumni Award, the JR Cook Advisor of the Year Award, and the Youth Council of the Year Award. The following videos introduce the recipients as well as those individuals who serve as the inspiration for the awards. Thanks to all the awardees for their outstanding individual accomplishments and for their service to their communities and Native youth. (Click on the Read More button to view the page where the related videos are shown.) Read More

Saturday News Update from the 2016 National UNITY Conference

The following video news update highlights the activities that took place on Saturday, July 23 at the 2016 National UNITY Conference.

Sunday Video News Update from the 2016 National UNITY Conference Site

The following is a news update that was video taped at Oklahoma City, OK, the site of the 40th anniversary National UNITY Conference.

View Video News Segment from the 2015 National UNITY Conference

The following video originated from the National UNITY Conference site in Washington, DC on Friday, July 10, 2015. The video provides a conference update, a brief history of the organization, a summary of recent events, and information about how to get involved.