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Congratulations to Our 2011 College Graduates

Each year around this time thousands of college students achieve an important life goal. In recognition of this accomplishment, ceremonies are conducted on college campuses throughout the nation where students take the final few symbolic steps necessary to reach their goal by walking across a stage before a host of witnesses to receive the prize for their years of hard work – a college diploma that says, “Yes, you graduated, job well done!” What seemed like a never ending quest has successfully concluded, a milestone along life’s journey has been reached. It’s now time to stop for a moment, take a deep breath, enjoy the victory and celebrate with those who encouraged and supported you through the good and not so good times. Then look toward the future and all the milestones still to be reached and boldly take the next forward step. There are other victories ahead  and what you’ve achieved by obtaining a college education has better prepared you for the challenges that await.

At this special time of celebration, keep in mind that others have just graduated from high school and are preparing to follow in your footsteps as they eagerly anticipate their own college adventures. Encourage their efforts by sharing a photograph of you on the  happy occasion of your graduation day. Your triumphant smiles will tell a great story and help instill a confident outlook among those who will follow.

If you would like to be included in the College Graduates photo gallery on a UNITY Website, send a digital picture to togetherwewill@unityinc.org and the Web team may include it in a future update. If you graduated at some time in the distant or not so distant past, send a digital picture to the same address for possible inclusion in a UNITY Alumni Gallery.

Send A Greeting to Grandpa Skye

Warren Skye, better known as Grandpa Skye to many, has served as the National UNITY Conference Elder for many years.  Many UNITY students, past and present, remember him for lighting the conference fire on the first day and extinguishing it after the final good byes.  Grandpa Skye also sat at the conference fire  to share his knowledge and prayers with everyone who asked.

Due to physical challenges he was prevented from attending last year’s National UNITY Conference in San Diego.  However, he is hopeful of being in attendance at this year’s National UNITY Conference in Minneapolis.

On Saturday, May 14, a Haudenosaunee Benefit Social will be held at the Native American Cultural Center in Rochester, NY to honor Grandpa Skye.  UNITY is asking UNITY students, alums and advisors to send a few words of greetings, encouragement, and thanks to Grandpa Skye in honor of the work he has done for UNITY. If you would like to send a word of thanks to Grandpa Skye, please submit an e-mail with your name and youth council, along with your brief message to:  gfactor@unityinc.org

The messages will be forwarded to be included in a special booklet to be presented to Grandpa Skye during the benefit.

Click on Mr. Skye’s picture to see a larger version of the photo.

NIEA Letter Congratulates UNITY for 35 Year Milestone

UNITY received a letter of congratulations from the National Indian Education Association (NIEA) that recognized the special impact that the organization has had on the lives of Native youth. The letter was signed by Mary Jane Oatman – Wak Wak, NIEA President, and read by Quinton Roman Nose, NIEA President Elect, during an April 15 reception held at the UNITY offices in Oklahoma City.

The letter says in part, “On behalf of the National Indian Education Association, congratulations on the celebration of UNITY’s milestone! This letter is written to recognize the special impact and significance of UNITY, Inc. as you celebrate your 35th anniversary. As a UNITY conference alum, I can attest to the impact that the conferences and leadership events have on the lives of our Native youth, including my own. Many of the friends that I made are now colleagues that I network with throughout Indian Country. The experience was invaluable and impacts my career today.”

The complete letter may be viewed at the following linked page on this website.

Please send your personal message to UNITY by using the Contact Us form.

UNITY Celebrates 35th Birthday Anniversary

A long time ago before personal computers, fax machines, cell phones, social networking, iPods, and the World Wide Web…

An outgrowth of an Indian Education project serving youth in 10 western Oklahoma high schools, United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. (UNITY) was established to combat the tremendous waste of talent and negative peer pressure that existed among American Indian youth.

On April 16, 1976, United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Oklahoma to foster the spiritual, mental, physical, and social development of American Indian and Alaska Native youth.

On April 16, 2011, the UNITY Network will include 150 affiliated youth councils in 35 states.

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