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Virtual things to do on Earth Day!

An Evening of Reading and Conversation with Joy Harjo: The U.C. Berkeley Arts Research Center presents a reading and conversation with USDAC poetry crush and U.S. Poet Laureate Joy Harjo on April 22, from 5:30pm-7pm PST. This reading is free and open to the public and available live captioned and live streamed on ARC’s YouTube channel. Read More

10 Ways to Honor the Earth on Earth Day

UNITY Earth Ambassadors share 10 Ways they are Honoring the Earth. Here are some examples of their conservation habits, efforts and Earth Day Projects.   

  1. Plant a Garden
  2. Tree Planting
  3. Compost
  4. Recycle
  5. Eat less meat
  6. Water conservation
  7. Zero Waste/reduce waste
  8. Raise Awareness-Start a Podcast or Become a Vlogger
  9. Honor your Ancestors – Learn about your tradtional foods, culture and language
  10.  Share and teach why and how to honor the Earth

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Cultural Norm – Kindness

UNITY Alumni, Hunter Genia is a guest speaker on the UNITY Webinar: Celebrate Mother Earth Day! His tribal affiliation is Saginaw, Swan Creek, Black River Bands of Chippewa & Grand River Ottawa. He served as an Earth Ambassador in 1990.                                                                                                      

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Celebrate Mother Earth Day!

JOIN UNITY LIVE: Thursday, April 2 for Celebrate Mother Earth Day!

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Join the discussion about Youth Councils and Individual project ideas for Earth Day. Learn how to carry out a project while Social Distancing. Find out more about campaigns, advocacy, individual environmental impact and call for Personal Pledges. Meet UNITY Earth Ambassadors as they share their passion to protect and restore Mother Earth. UNITY Earth Day Project Contest

UNITY Earth Day Project Contest

The UNITY Earth Ambassadors know that the time to address Climate Change is Now. Our people have always been earth protectors and caretakers. What better way to revitalize our cultural environmental teaching than on the 50th Anniversary of National Earth Day! Your Earth Ambassadors passed a Resolution for the NUC each host a UNITY Day collectively celebrating Earth Day together this April 22, 2020!  Learn more about UNITY Incentives for Youth Council and Individuals, contest details and project ideas amid social distancing. 

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Jazmine Wildcat named Champion of Change

Jazmine Wildcat, Northern Arapaho, isn’t new to receiving awards. She’s been named a UNITY 25 Under 25 honoree as well as a UNITY Earth Ambassador. This year the Center for Native American Youth (CNAY) named Wildcat as one of its five Champions of Change. What makes this pretty remarkable is she’s only 16-years-old. All recipients recently received their medals during a Recognition Ceremony in Washington, DC.

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UNITY Holds Annual Midyear Conference

Native Youth Gather for Learning and Collaboration 

The 2020 UNITY Midyear Conference, held February 14-17 in Tempe, Arizona, brought together more than 450 Native American and Alaska Native youth and advisors from rural and urban tribal communities across the U.S. for four days of learning, cultural sharing, and collaboration. The focus of this year’s conference was on healing, and strengthening Native youth identity and sense of belonging. Importantly, UNITY affiliated youth councils and individuals left the conference with completed action plans for community service projects.
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Three Resolutions for the National UNITY Council to Consider

Greetings National UNITY Council,

Your UNITY youth leaders have been busy! On behalf of your elected Executive Committee representatives, we are eager to share the following proposed initiatives sponsored by various Programs within the UNITY Network. Each Program focuses on a different aspect of the social, mental, spiritual and physical development. As you may know the members of each UNITY-affiliated youth council appoint two individuals (one young woman, one young man) to serve as their representatives on the National UNITY Council (NUC).   Read More

Earth Ambassador Calls on Youth From Across Oregon Declare A Climate Emergency

UNITY Earth Ambassador, and President of the Siletz Tribal Youth Council Jeidah DeZurney, 21, spoke at a youth climate action rally Feb. 6, 2020 in Portland. She called on leaders to act now and create climate policy that will mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. “My people have self-sustained by traditional foods our entire history. It hasn’t been until recently that we have had such a decline of salmon in our rivers,” said Earth Ambassador DeZurney, president of the Siletz Tribal Youth Council. “The causes can be directly linked to climate change and pollution in our Siletz River. Our traditional way of life and culture is in danger.” by  OPB

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