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UNITY Earth Ambassador’s Native Seed Saving Project

UNITY Youth Submission from Earth Ambassador: Gabriella Nakai

“I remember the teachings of my Nalis’ and the land back at home and began to share my produce from the garden with others who often don’t find a truly fresh farm-to-table produce in the city. Now, I am beginning to focus on Native heirloom produce, which has grown in this valley, from time to memorial. I believe this is the food our bodies crave and may hold the key to returning us to health and wellness. The return of the foods is an exercise of the Native sovereignty, and by growing it I exercise an act of environmental sovereignty.” Read More

Diné Bizaad’s Role in Recycling

UNITY Earth Ambassador submission by Binaahozhoonii Daisey Howard, 15, Navajo (Dine) / Zuni. Learn how she plans to empower Native youth to action as environmental advocates in New Mexico. “Being an indigenous advocate is to speak on behalf of our sacred Mother Earth. As an UNITY Earth Ambassadors, we are teachers to those that do no know all the environmental issues in Indian Country. We need to educate people how to start learning to heal our sacred Mother Earth.” Read More

Littlecreek’s Sustainable Indigenous Fashion Project

Did you know: When you buy inexpensive but fashionable clothes, also known as fast fashion, you help to create over 92 million tons of waste produced per year and 79 trillion litres of water consumed?  UNITY Youth Sadie Littlecreek, Absentee Shawnee, who currently attends the University of Oklahoma, is creating awareness about the problem with the fast fashion industry. 
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Ancient Gardening Practices are Making a Comeback

UNITY Youth Christine Shaylyn Darlene Naygauq Noratak comes from the Native Village of Hooper Bay, Alaska. Christine recently shared her thoughts on why it is important Native youth to step up as Earth Advocates. “I think it all starts within oneself. For us to make that first step forward to helping our community is where we heal, learn, educate, and grow together,” explains Christine. Learn more about her Earth Service Project for Anchorage. We hope this will inspire other Native youth to plan a project of their own.
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UNITY Earth Ambassador Takes on Desertification

UNITY Youth Submission by Earth Ambassador Tylee Tom, Dine/Navajo, AZ: “Growing up on the reservation, I’ve always been taught to respect the earth and everything it provides. Many teachings and songs I’ve been taught is about every living plant and animal. Preserving the teachings and responsibility of oneself and others, who play a big part in our lives. From caring for our animals to the birthing of them. like I have always been told “you take care of your animals and crop, they will take care of you”‘ Read More

Earth Ambassador says Indian Country needs Regenerative Farmers

UNITY Earth Ambassador Maiya Martinez (Spokane, Washington) shares her research goals for more Native youth to become regenerative farmers. “To me, an environment ambassador is someone who looks to spread knowledge to their communities” said Maiya. “This is someone who knows how to make a difference and wants to share experiences with others,” she added.
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Meet Umatilla Earth Advocate Nizhonia

Meet UNITY youth Nizhonia Toledo, of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon. “To me, being an environmental advocate is an opportunity to step up and influence other Native youth to take action in caring for our home. It means speaking for what can’t speak… our mother earth,” explained Nizhonia. “I want to protect the land our ancestors fought so hard for.”

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Restoring Alaskan Traditional Food Systems

Meet UNITY Youth Andrew Weaver, from Azachorok Alaska. “To me, being an Earth Ambassador is the responsibility to take care of your land, educate others of its importance. I am proud to be of of the Central Yup’ik people of the Lower Yukon River” said Andrew. His Mountain Village is located in Western Alaska, approximately 450 miles northwest of Anchorage. Andrew has applied to his the Tribal council, and if elected will be youngest in office.  He is passionate about the ecological issue of the landfill in Mountain Village. Andrew is a strong leader and when he wants something done, he gets it done! “I believe Andrew will do great in restoring the Mountain Village landfill and making Mountain a clean safe place for all” said Tatiana Ticknor, former Alaskan UNITY Earth Ambassador. 

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Steve Harvey: Ancestral knowledge with a STEM education

Youth Submission by Steve Harvey, San Carlos Apache: I want to empower all Native youth to join me as an Earth Ambassador. Together we can bring lessons from nature and culture, using them to explore alternatives for a sustainable future, and empower participants to live more gently on our planet as Ambassadors of our environment. Applying sustainable living principles that could be used anywhere in the world and adding topics specific to each location. Read More

UNITY celebrates Earth Day by announcing its 2021 Native American youth Earth Ambassadors cohort

UNITY has announced the 2021-2022 class of UNITY Earth Ambassadors. The environmental stewardship and leadership program, which began in the 1990s, provides Native American youth with training sessions and informational workshops to increase their knowledge of environmental issues affecting Indian country. Through the program, the ambassadors will learn effective methods to raise awareness and youth engagement of the issues affecting the environmental quality on Native lands and promote the efforts to address environmental concerns within the nation’s Native communities. Topics covered by previous cohorts have included recycling, conservation, regeneration, and restoration.

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