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Washington tribes find new energy to vote in 2020 election

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LUMMI NATION — Freddie Lane gathered up T-shirts, posters and signs at the tribal administration building, getting ready for a Native Vote 2020 rally, planned for later this month at Lummi and reservations across the state.

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Thinking beyond ice cream to impact the Native vote

Sweets and Civic Engagement – Kansas City Indian Center

For the Kansas City Indian Center (KCI), they knew the best way to engage with people about the election was to draw them in with sweets. This led them to host their mobile ice cream social event, partnering with Melt Box ice cream truck to help their community beat the heat and get registered to vote.
“We needed to really think about how we could have a safe and fun event,” said Gaylene Crouser, KCI’s Executive Director. “We made sure to bring tablets and voter registration forms so we could get people signed up while they were enjoying their ice cream!”

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Our Voices Matter: Art Movement for Voter Registrations

The Beauty of Civic Engagement – Las Vegas Indian Center

Earlier this week, the Las Vegas Indian Center unveiled their “Our Voices Matter” mural to a socially distanced crowd and media. The beautiful artwork was painted by local artist Gear Duran and was created for the specific purpose of increasing civic engagement among the youth and Native population around Las Vegas.

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Indian Tacos and Voter Registration – Denver Indian Center

Feeding the Community – Denver Indian Center

In Denver, Rick Waters and his team at the Denver Indian Center (DIC) have been thinking about how to help his community get registered to vote while also trying to help local businesses deal with the economic devastation of COVID-19. Enter Tocabe, an American Indian eatery that’s been a staple of Denver’s Native community for over 30 years.
We are planning to hit the community in the stomach,” says Waters. “Tocabe is a place that people know and are excited to learn that we’re supporting.”

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Election 2020: Your Vote Matters

Soul Claps in the Sanctuary

Election 2020: Your Vote Matters
CSRD Student-led Community Forum
Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020
6:30 – 8:00 p.m. | Register for the Zoom meeting

Why is voting important? What does it mean to participate in democracy and exercise your civic duty? Join us for a comprehensive understanding of how voting is essential to democracy and why voting is important in 2020.

Free | Online | Open to the public | Download the flyer

UNITY Announces Series of Educational Webinars this Fall 2020

Leaders will cover topic relevant to Native youth like voting, virtual learning and social media.

October 5, 2020 – Mesa, AZ – United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. (UNITY) will hold a series of webinars this fall that will further its mission of fostering the spiritual, mental, physical, and social development of American Indian and Alaska Native Youth. Read More

Native Youth Vote Webinar with Little Cheiis

#NativeYouthVote 2020 Join UNITY for a UNITY Native Youth Vote Q&A with “Little Cheiis!” “It began when two young Native men began to record videos about Native history, news, and culture. They named themselves Little Cheiis, which is a Navajo word for grandpa. And since they are grandpas in training, they use the word little. Antonio Ramirez, a co-creator for Little Cheiis joins us to talk about one of their videos that’s getting more traction this election season.” – Indian Country Today Read More

Are you Registered to Vote yet?

Arizona! Your voter registration deadline is ONE WEEK away on October 5th.
Arizona holds 11 electoral college votes and 6% of the Native vote.
Check your registration status at If you are voting by mail Arizona recommends mailing your ballot by Oct. 27. Read More

Native American tribes in Texas rally to increase voter turnout

 SEPT. 25, 2020 – Native American tribe members say mistrust of the government and a history of erasure of indigenous people contribute to a lack of voter participation. Read More

Resources From We Decide: Arts, Culture and Voting Power

Learn more about groups working to expand Civic Participation. The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture, alongside our friends at Arts & Democracy co-presented We Decide: Arts, Culture, and Voting Power, a webinar focused on how arts, culture, and creative media can reimagine our democracy and revitalize civic participation, with a focus on historically disenfranchised communities. We were thrilled by the outpouring of ideas and enthusiasm to use arts and culture for building toward our 2020 election. If you missed the event or would like to watch it again, here is the link to the recording.

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