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Alaska Native Youth Establish New Council

Aleut YouthSt. Paul Island, AK  – – UNITY welcomes its newest affiliate, the Aleut UNITY Youth Tribal Council, representing  the Aleut Community of Saint Paul Island, one of five volcanic islands located in the Bering Sea.

The group joined UNITY last September after the resolution was unanimously passed by the Aleut Community of St. Paul Tribal Government to establish this new youth council. The council will support the youth by providing leadership training, guidance, and experience opportunities to better prepare them for the important roles as the tribe’s future leaders.

The youth council Bylaws outlines its objectives, which are to:

  • provide a collective voice and represent the tribal youth in all matters that concern them
  • serve as a means of mobilizing and coordinating the actions of youth, other community members and organizations toward positive goals 
  • promote the development of future tribal leaders
  • help solve problems facing tribal youth
  • coordinate school and community service projects, and
  • provide opportunities for the youth to interact for fun and fellowship.

The youth council has an active Advisory Council consisting of two parents, an Aleut language teacher, the Director of Office of Cultural Affairs, the Director of Health and Human Services, a Child victim advocate.

“Some future plans for the summer of 2015, as of right now, they will plan bicycle safety, water safety, basketball tournaments, and much more for our community of Saint Paul.”, said Cara Lestenkof-Mandregan, Youth Council advisor and Victim Advocate.  

UNITY welcomes the Aleut UNITY Youth Tribal Council of Saint Paul Island.

Aleut Youth

Aleut Youth