Wish List – UNITY, Inc.

Wish List

Like many non-profits, UNITY relies heavily on financial support to further its mission of advancing and supporting Native youth leadership development across the country. Throughout the year, UNITY requests financial assistance by way of sponsorship proposals, applying for grants, special event fundraising, and more. This year, we were asked the question, “Besides cash donations, what is on UNITY’s Wish List that one might be able to donate as an in-kind gift?” We pondered the question for half a second (because we already knew where we could use the assistance!), and we rattled off a list. We decided to share our list with you, in hopes that you or your organization/corporation (or even someone you might know) can help!

UNITY Wish List

  1. Printing sponsorship of brochures, fliers, programs, etc.
  2. Laptops
  3. Cell phones
  4. Office space for 8 offices/conference room/kitchen
  5. Storage bins
  6. Storage space (air conditioned rental unit or other)
  7. Folding tables
  8. Note books
  9. Chart paper
  10. Projector
  11. Cleaning supplies
  12. Vacuum cleaner and/or carpet cleaning service
  13. Goodie bag items for up to 2,000 students (thumb drives, pens, visors, sunglasses, stress balls, keychains)
  14. Floating white board
  15. Poster board frames
  16. Property for office building and leadership training center
  17. Vehicle for company use
  18. Multi-line office phones/network (8 phones)
  19. Office furniture (desks, chairs, shelf units, lounge table/coffee table, artificial plants)
  20. A UNITY App
  21. Electronic tablet/Ipad (2)
  22. Fax machine
  23. PA System
  24. Supplies – file folders, filing supplies, binders, paper cutter, hole punch, staplers, scissors, removable hard drives, markers  (dry erase and other)
  25. Bulk mailing processing for up to 2000 mailings or postage
  26. Reams of copy paper
  27. Business stationery
  28. Moving Dollies (2)
  29. Lanyards (1,000)
  30. Conference bags (500 – 1,000)
  31. Gift cards – gas, restaurants, sporting goods, lumber yard, office supplies, etc.
Sponsorships needed for the following:
  1. UNITY flags for Youth Councils
  2. UNITY tablecloths, pop-up banners, and signs for promotion/info booths
  3. UNITY 40th Anniversay lapel pins
  4. UNITY promotional items – pens, folders, cups, socks, shirts, shorts, caps, sweaters, backpacks, USBs, stickers, water  bottles, stress relievers, notebooks, post-its, hand sanitizer, magnets, key chains
  5. UNITY clothing for UNITY youth leaders to wear at events – shirts, pins, necklaces, earrings, laptop bags,  backpacks, coats, sweaters
  6. We would be so very grateful for your donation of any of these items! If you think you may be able to help UNITY with an in-kind gift or sponsorship, please contact Mary Kim Titla, Executive Director, at (480) 718-9793 or by email at mk.titla@unityinc.org.