Wellness Warriors Interview with 4 Directions Media – UNITY, Inc.

Wellness Warriors Interview with 4 Directions Media

UNITY’s Wellness Warriors has partnered with 4 Directions Media to develop their new mobile app. Here is a behind the scenes look at the company that worked with the UNITY team to take Native youth’s ideas of wellness and incorporate it into a mobile app.

Interview with 4 Directions Media founder, Wyatt Redshield Gilmore (Navajo, British-American)

To put it simply, at 4 Directions Media (4DM) we love the Internet and we want to understand everything there is to know about it. We are in awe of the internet’s infinite power and wish to take advantage of it. How do we go about doing this? By teaming up with industry experts in website development, coding, graphic design, mobile app development, digital marketing, SEO, PPC, and much more.

4DM has been in business for one year, and within that short amount of time, we have been able to thrive and grow with each passing month. We are happy to say that we are successful, but we take even more pride in saying that we are a driving force that boosts the success of the companies we serve.

  • What were you most excited about when you heard of the Wellness Warrior Mobile App?
“Nearly every project I hear about that is based on building unity to our Native American nations I get excited about and want to support. So when I heard about the Wellness Warriors Mobile App, I knew that I had to be a part of it. The fact that it is based on connecting our youth with a fun app that will help live a more balanced life is truly exciting. There are plenty of apps that can do amazing things, but I have never seen or heard of one that will bring Native culture, language, food, and service projects altogether. There is a lot to the app, but everything about it is targeting a specific purpose – wellness among our Native people. Every time I talk about it, I get super excited.”
  • What skills are the most important to have to do your job well?
“The skills most important to do my job well are determination and a good attitude. Life is hard at times, business is just as hard. I do not run from hard times or hard work, I embrace them, acknowledge them, and then take the necessary steps to overcoming them. Never giving up.
Also, on the other hand, life is wonderful, and business is fun! As long as I take the time to thank my Creator for life and all the blessings it brings, then I can find the good in any situation. I do not want to just be grumpy and work – work – work. I want to enjoy life. But, joy and happiness does not just happen, they have to be sought after, they have to be earned, just like success. Everything that is worth something, needs to be earned.”
  • What types of work did you do before you started your company?
“I did all kinds of jobs growing up. I worked for The Boys and Girls Club, I worked for an asphalt company, I was a welder, I did pest control, and all kinds of other odd jobs. I actually graduated in Psychology, so I worked a lot with troubled youth in residential treatment centers for about 6 years. I found a way to enjoy most of the jobs I had. The only jobs I hated was in sales. It’s kind of funny because that is now a huge part of what I do and specialize in today. Marketing is crucial and essential to understanding in order to be a successful business person.”
  • Would you advise your children to pursue your type of work or career path?
“I will advise my children to do exactly what they are passionate about. If they choose a career path in entrepreneurship like me, then I will try to help them succeed in every way I can. The thing is, whatever path they choose, I just want them to work as hard as they can, and try to be the very best in their field. I just hope to be supportive and helpful to them in whatever career path they choose. In today’s world, I know that people can earn really good money in almost every career path, you just have to be a little more creative and specialized in the lower paying fields in order to make the good money. In America, the sky is the limit.”
  • What advice would you give native youth going into the STEM or technology fields?
“Technology is no longer “the way of the future” it is the way of NOW, and the future. If you are a youth interested in technology, then build upon that interest, get even more passionate about it, and learn as much as possible about it. Our computers and the Internet allow for so much automation that many ordinary jobs are now obsolete. When I was a kid, all large companies needed to have tons of employees just to keep track of and file paperwork. Now? Online form entries and cloud storage have nearly obliterated that need. That is just one of the many examples. Because of the computer, there will always be need of more coders, developers, and relating fields. So if you have the mind for it, go for it.”
  • What advice would you give native youth about starting their own companies?
“You think a 9 to 5 job is hard? Owning your own company is 10 times harder. But, 10 times more satisfying as well.”
UNITY Wellness Warriors prides itself on partnering with other Native-owned businesses to help in the success of our program and provide entrepreneur role models to our youth. To learn more about 4 Directions Media please visit: https://www.4directionsmedia.com/