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40 Years – UNITY Historical Timeline

This year UNITY celebrates its 40th anniversary of serving the nation’s Native youth. During this four decade journey, there have been many milestones to mark the progress along our path. Now, at this juncture between the past and what is envisioned for the future, it is an appropriate time to reflect back on what has been accomplished. But, even more importantly, we must consider how to build on those past successes and more effectively involve our youth in the important work of building a stronger and more self-reliant Native America. That is our vision as well as our mission.

The linked document entitled, “UNITY Historical Timeline,” spotlights some of the important events that many of you in the UNITY Family have been a part of and contributed to. Please take a few minutes to read and send your thoughts to us about other notable happenings, accomplishments, and uplifting memories that you believe those across the UNITY Network would enjoy and find encouraging.